Friday Triples Fixtures 2024

Friday Triples Captain – Mabel Hahner email: mobile: 07484 615418

Vice Captain – Rich Chilcott email: mobile: O7963 021325

The non-availability board and the weekly team selections can be found on the notice board next to the bar.

You can also use the Friday Triples Non Availability Form to notify when you are not available. N.B. if you are selected for a match and can’t make it then you need to let Mabel or Rich know as soon as possible.

Updated 29/03/24 – Keynsham Home game rearranged from Apr 12 to Apr 29

All start times 2:15 pm unless otherwise stated – Dress Code – Greys

We hosted St Annes in the Triples cup on 17th June and lost 2 rinks to 1

Apr 19AvonvaleHomeBell J, Smith,Clutterbuck 12-23
Collett S, Bartlett, Northcott M 14-26
Payne,Merrett,Freeman 10-18
Shots 36-67 Points 0-12
Apr 26St Annes ParkAwayHaHner M J,Hahner M, Northcott M 15-22
Payne,Chilcott,Freeman 9-29
Jenkins A, Townsend ,Clutterbuck 20-12
Shots 44-63 Points 2-10
MON 29Keynsham HomeTiley M, Chilcott, Smith 18-13
Bartlett, Merrett, Freeman 14-24
Tiley L, Hahner M, Northcott M 13-16
Shote 45-53 Points 2-10
May 03Bristol HomeTiley M, Chilcott, Smith 10-20
Jenkins A, Townsend, Clutterbuck 25-8
Hahner M, Stadden, Reed J 39-9
Shots 74-37 Points 10-2
May 10GreenbankHomeNorthcott M, Townsend, Clutterbuck 17-17
Tiley l, Spragg A, Beames 29-8
Hahner M, Stadden, Reed J 14-20
Shots 60-45 Points 9-3
May 17Victoria ParkAwayTiley M, Reed A, Hahner M J 15-14
Bartlett, Stadden, Reed J 13-26
Jenkins A,,Payne, Chilcott 14-17
Shots 42-57 Points 2-10
May 24Page ParkHomeWhite, Chilcott, Reed J 11-27
Tiley M, Townsend, Clutterbuck 28-15
Tiley l, Spragg A, Reed A 9-24
Shots 48-66 Points 2-10
May 31Severn ValeAwayMerrett, Hahner M J, Freeman 14-15
Tiley M, Townsend, Clutterbuck 7-15
Payne, Bartlett, Stack 8-27
Shots 28-57 Points 0-12
Jun 07ImperialHomeCollett, Hahner M, Bell Jenny 25-15
Jenkins A, White, Reed J 25-11
Merrett, Spragg A, Clutterbuck 26-17
Shots 76-43 Points 12-0
Jun 14FrysAwayJenkins A, Chilcott, Reed A 17-16
Merrett, Stadden, Clutterbuck 18-15
Collett, Smith, Bell Jenny 10-23
Shots 45-54 Points 4-8
Jun 21Begbrook GreenHomeJenkins A, Chilcott, Reed A 15-12
Merrett, Stadden, Clutterbuck 16-24
Collett, Spragg A, Reed J 13-17
Shots 44-53 Points 2-10
Jun 28KeynshamAwayCollett, Hahner M, Freeman 15-13
Tileye M, Townsend, Clutterbuck 13-24
Gill, Chilcott, Reed A 18-18
Shots 46-55 Points 3-9
Jul 05AvonvaleAwayJames, Reed J, Beames 15-19
Hahner M J, Collett, Hahner M 9-22
Jenkins A, Chilcott, Reed A 10-27
Shots 34-68 Points 0-12
Jul 12St Annes ParkHomeJenkins A, Townsend, Trent 23-11
Payne, Smith, Clutterbuck 13-28
Bartlett, James, Freeman 18-18
Shots 54-57 Points 3-9
Jul 19BristolAway
Jul 26GreenbankAway
Aug 02Victoria ParkHome
Aug 09Page ParkAway
Aug 16Severn ValeHome
Aug 23ImperialAway
Aug 30FrysHome
Sep 06Begbrook GreenAway